Ian O’Dwyer

Ian (OD) has worn numerous hats in many industries over his 30-year process, including Movement Coach and Sports Conditioner, Personal Trainer, Body Worker, Global Educator, Author, and Mentor.

Ian, owned and operated OD on Movement Performance Studio, the original training studio on the Sunshine Coast, QLD for 24 yrs. Consulted and educated for PT on the Net (largest global educational website for PT’s), Co-Founded PTA Global (global innovators of the fitness industry), and is currently Co-Founder of Feel SOMA.

Ian is an innovator, his knowledge, experience, and expertise through bodywork and movement, inspire him to implement more progressive approaches (working outside traditional philosophies and applications), after these methods failed him in his own challenges. Ian guides and coaches the human being, NOT the human body, using a very inclusive approach (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual), to create positive solutions.

Ian has a unique ability to connect, observe and create instant change in individuals, groups, and teams. His inclusive, practical and fun approach is highly respected by clients, friends, family, and colleagues globally.

Ian O’Dwyer's Sessions